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Chicago Real Estate Investing Research Video Update

My name is Goran Utvic, I work at Chicagoland Brokers Inc. My contact info 773-273-9155 or email at ILBANKHOMES@GMAIL.COM

In this video I show you 24 properties that have been flipped in the north side Chicago area. All of these properties were flipped in less than a year and at 20% or more profit potential.

Some of the best areas to invest in Chicago real estate are Mt Prospect, Arlington Hts, Avondale, Jefferson Park, Portage Park to name a few.

I work with real estate Investors that would like to either invest money and receive interest payments on that money, Investors that want to buy and flip the homes themselves for max profit and also joint venture with Investors that want to put up the money and have my crews do the work and we split the profits.

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Investing in the Chicago real estate market can bring you an ROI of 20% or more if you have the right team to work with. Start out with someone that has experience investing in real estate in the Chicago area that is able to find and qualify potential rehabs for you, estimate the cost and assemble a crew to do the rehab within the estimated budget will determine how successful your Chicago real estate investment is.

You should also have someone that can give you an accurate after rehab value for your real estate investments...this is where an experienced real estate investor like myself can help you out with your Chicago real estate flips. I see a lot of times inexperienced real estate agents guide would be first time newbie investors the wrong way with either how much to rehab the investment or under/over estimating the after rehab value because they are just not experienced enough with the chicago rehab market. There have been plenty of times when my investors and I would be visiting the property and the listing agent would be there and comment on how we should be able to get $350,000 on the house rehabbed for instance and we are targeting $400,000 and my guys would start to second guess the assessment until we list and in 5 days we get full list price $400k!

I am not claiming to know it all but what I do have is experience in Chicago real estate investing my own properties as well as my investor clients, over 100 real estate transactions as a realtor, over 20 years experience as a contractor and working with general contractors and 1000's of BPOs which are mini appraisals that I have done for banks and their distressed properties.

If you'd like to talk to me about how we can work together making money investing in the Chicago real estate market you can reach me at 773-273-9155.

Goran Utvic, Chicagoland Brokers Inc

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